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Bronze ware of the middle Wastern Zhou Dynasty,which has two ears and a square base,inscribed with 82 characters.
Soryy building....
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Tibetan Thangka
Thangka in Tibetan language, is a kind of religious scrolled painting, embroidery, brocade, tapestried-fine silk and applique, mounted in colorful silk or satin and displayed for worship. The art covers a wide field comprising all the Buddha, Bueddhisattvas, Dharmapalas and doctrines and teaching of Buddhism. It also touches many other fields such as history, politics, economy, culture and social life of Tibetan nationality, etc. Execution of Thangka is a behaviour of converting to
Buddhism and worship and the aim of Thangka is not for the art's sake to express the imagination and creation or the persuit of the artists, but for the inspiration of the respect and worship to the Buddha from the believers. Therefore, Thangka can not be created out of the artist's will,but can only be executed according to the religious rules and regulations. Thangka is an exclusive art and most important art category of Tibetan Buddhist.
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